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Arty Coppes, MA  PCC

Leaders creating great work environments
Teams capitalizing on great work environments

Our executive coaching and consulting firm works with upcoming and established leaders in healthcare.
We are committed to making a difference in the work environments of healthcare organizations through coaching and consulting.
We view coaching as a powerful agent of change for individuals and organizations alike.

 According to the
CEO of the West Coast Children's Hospital:  "Physicians have been trained to function as autonomous practitioners. Leadership requires a fundamentally new skill set-one that most physicians do not have an opportunity to actively develop during the course of their careers". 


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Create awareness around what your impact is on others!

"Arty has demonstrated an impressive ability to work with a wide variety of individuals, to strategically analyze often complex and competing demands, and to appreciate individual strengths and vulnerabilities.
She is discerning, articulate, and solution-focused. She works systematically and thoroughly to understand the situation, appreciate each individual’s contribution to it, and support positive outcomes.
Equally important, she unequivocally demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.
I have also found that individuals from remarkably diverse backgrounds enjoy working with Arty."  Jill.

See Arty
in this short 2 minute movie on the impact of YOUR communication style.

My VISION for you is: 

To help you get better insights into yourself and your impact on your environment.

My GUIDING principles are:
  • honest feedback
  • many different kind of questions
  • great listening skills
  • a sense of humor
  • respect for and a belief in YOU.

In the News

Book Release: Discover your Inner Strength with co-authors Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and Ken Blanchard.

Arty's chapter is on coaching and resilience skills.

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